Brothers in Arms

Episode 6: They part ways

After the harrowing conclusion to the events with Vecna, the Brothers took a break from Adventuring.


Terrance ventured across the bay to an ancient ruined city of Dunatis, an Avatar or Prophet of Pelor. Terrance received the armor of Dunatis and a new pet warbear, Uthberth.

Episode 5: Wylea

The Brothers arrive in Wylea to discover that Founder Neelani’s Vizier is in fact High Priest Avonathemon, a cleric of Vecna. They follow him all the way to Relkingham where they stop a terrible summoning. Terrance tortures a man and Arthur buries a lot of dead.

Episode 4: Relkingham

The Brothers arrive in Relkingham. Terrance befriends a griffin. The pair receive a quest to go north to Wylea and protest a terrible new law.

Episode 3: Bearden's Hollow

The Brothers arrive at Bearden’s Hollow and rescue Lady Isendale.

Episode 2: Finding the Culprit

The Brothers discover who is behind the gold panning operation and set things right at their home town. Arthur discovers magic and Terrance burns down his house.

Episode 1: Out the front door

Terrance and Arthur first venture out and find a group of men illegally panning for gold.


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