Brothers in Arms

Episode 18: Centaurs, T-Rexes, and Elves, Oh My!

After five days’ rest and recuperation, the brothers set off on a new journey. This time they were to recruit Jonathan of Savoy’s exiled younger brother to help with the upcoming war. Upon arrival, they discovered that the self-titled Prince Henri had amassed an army of 400 men. Even so, they were being attacked nightly by a “Dragon”, which was soon found to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

To win favor with Prince Henri, the brothers went to slay the T-Rex. Instead, they found a group of Centaurs who claimed to be attacked by Prince Henri. The Brothers promised to broker peace and went forward to slay the T-Rex, the Centaur’s weapon of choice. But when Arthur conjured a permanent Bit and Bridle for the T-Rex and attempted to ride the beast, he was supremely successful and got it under control.

Now with the largest weapon in the region, the Brothers brokered peace between the Centaurs, Elves, and Humans, and recruited Prince Henri to return to aid in the coming war with Hercynia.

Episode 17: Floods of Evil and Black Slimy Stuff

On their way to town from the trials, it started to rain quite heavily, and Arthur and Terrance realized that it was going to flood. The two brother’s and the intrepid Ulfberth promptly climbed a tree, with Arthur casting rope trick to secure a safe space for himself and ulfberth, while Terrance took lookout on the wildly swinging tree top. They watched as a massive swell of water suddenly rose up, over thirty feet high, nearly submerging the entrance to the rope trick. As the water rose, Arthur and Terrance saw a massive spot of black in the water a hundred feet in diameter of inky water. as an experiment, Arthur shot a lightning bolt into the water, and hit an enormous aboleth, which reared up in pain but could not find it’s assailant.

After the rain stopped and the flood went down, Terrance and Arthur proceeded back to town slowly amidst the rubble of the forest. When the arrived, they saw a city completely destroyed, with the castle rising up in the midst of it, badly damaged, but one of the few buildings left standing. Making their way to the castle, looting along the way, they were surprised to be turned aside by a guard who claimed that the castle was off limits. Finding this odd, but not wanting to disturb this obviously shell shocked man, Terrance and Arthur simply circled the castle wall until they found a sizable hole that they could climb through. Along the way they realized that half the castle was covered in black slime, which they summarily avoided, casting fly on ulfberth to get him across. when they made their way across they were greeted by the mayor, who insisted we surrender our equipment and submit to a cleansing ritual, which Arthur absolutely refused. Arthur then pulled the group through a dimension door to the back side of the castle where he and Terrance discussed how to deal with the situation.

Returning to the mayor, they were surprised to see the mayor in a very apologetic mood, and the old lady showed them to a place where they could sleep for the night. However when they were locked in, Arthur and Terrance realized that something was very wrong. They broke out, and incapacitated their guards, and discovered the mayor talking calmly to the aboleth in the throne room, with terrified people all around. Terrance was noticed by the aboleth as he tried to get the people out, and so Arthur conjured a giant Iron golem using his Tome of Absence and used it to attack the aboleth. however, terrance quickly proved that the aboleth was only an illusion, and that the real aboleth was elsewhere. they started to flee along with the terrified townsfolk. However the aboleth showed it self quickly and attempted to pursue the people. Arthur got off several large sells before Ulfberth picked him up and carried him away on Terrance’s command. Terrance stayed behind and jumped on top of the aboleth pouring his divine power into every one of his attacks, and slew the giant beast as Arthur screamed for Ulfberth to let him go.

Over the next few days, they took the men back to the Meonwara, making a bridge over the new border river, and killing several pursuers along the way. The party managed to find homes for all of the people except for Daviit who stayed with the party to become a cleric.

After returning to Jonathan of Savoy, they were thanked for their work, and promptly dubbed Lords with holdings and serfs of their own.

Episode 16: The Helix Trials

After encountering five wandering members of the Helix who demand Arthur’s stolen goods, Arthur (and company) are thrust into a series of combats to extract him from the contract he never signed with the Helix. Two encounters in, Arthur meets with Master Agrandar, the head of the Order of the Helix. He agrees to make contact with the rebel Immortal Helix and is granted clemency. The brothers complete the trials.

Episode 15: The Helix....

Much to Terrance’s chagrin, the cleric of Daghda has asked for their aid in clearing out a mansion belonging to the Helix. Arthur gladly goes along, but finds himself bound to a cursed artifact tome that slowly grows in power.

Episode 14: And out again

The brothers emerge from the Temple, but they have the scars to show where they have been. They meet up with the rebels again to discover that Hercynia is planning a war with the Meonwara. They have three months to prepare. The brothers also receive fake soulstones that allow them to pass as citizens.

Episode 13: Into the Pyramid

The brothers find the rebels of Hercynia, but first must pass a loyalty test to be brought into the fold. They go into the ruins of a temple and are tested far worse than they have been before. Arthur is taken near death multiple times, and Terrance is bit by a Werejaguar.

Episode 12: Among the Enemy

Terrance and Arthur discover that Hercynia is not such a great place. They penalize the brothers, restrict them from adventuring, and then kick them out of the city for clearing out a crypt without the proper documentation.

Episode 11: There and Back Again

Back from the Feywild, the Brothers discover that their dreams have been broadcasted to the whole region of Savoy. Because of this, fame has brought them a new quest: Head to the deep forest of Hercynia and discover the plot they are hiding.

Episode 10: Adventures in Neverland

The brothers adventure in the Feywild. Arthur loses his mind. Repeatedly. and falls in love. Repeatedly. Terrance sacks castles, saves damsels in distress, and is home for dinner.

Episode 9: Sacking the Black Dragon's Lair... or not

The brothers discover that the Black Dragon is no more- and they sack the ‘lair’ to find an old Jaebrin named Kalius guarding a portal to the feywild. The brothers step through…


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