Brothers in Arms

Episode 3: Bearden's Hollow

The Brothers arrive at Bearden’s Hollow and rescue Lady Isendale.

Episode 4: Relkingham

The Brothers arrive in Relkingham. Terrance befriends a griffin. The pair receive a quest to go north to Wylea and protest a terrible new law.

Episode 5: Wylea

The Brothers arrive in Wylea to discover that Founder Neelani’s Vizier is in fact High Priest Avonathemon, a cleric of Vecna. They follow him all the way to Relkingham where they stop a terrible summoning. Terrance tortures a man and Arthur buries a lot of dead.

Episode 6: They part ways

After the harrowing conclusion to the events with Vecna, the Brothers took a break from Adventuring.


Terrance ventured across the bay to an ancient ruined city of Dunatis, an Avatar or Prophet of Pelor. Terrance received the armor of Dunatis and a new pet warbear, Uthberth.

Episode 7: Adventures Apart

While Terrance goes off to find his identity as Dunatis, servant of Pelor, Arthur teams up with a fellow wizard to defend Bearden’s Hollow from renegade Lizardfolk.

Episode 8: Lizardfolk Infestation

Terrance and Arthur raid the Lizardfolk village in hopes of finding out why they attacked Bearden’s Hollow. They killed the Lizardfolk king as well as a largeswamp beast, learning that the lizardfolk followed the orders of a black dragon.

Episode 9: Sacking the Black Dragon's Lair... or not

The brothers discover that the Black Dragon is no more- and they sack the ‘lair’ to find an old Jaebrin named Kalius guarding a portal to the feywild. The brothers step through…

Episode 10: Adventures in Neverland

The brothers adventure in the Feywild. Arthur loses his mind. Repeatedly. and falls in love. Repeatedly. Terrance sacks castles, saves damsels in distress, and is home for dinner.

Episode 11: There and Back Again

Back from the Feywild, the Brothers discover that their dreams have been broadcasted to the whole region of Savoy. Because of this, fame has brought them a new quest: Head to the deep forest of Hercynia and discover the plot they are hiding.

Episode 12: Among the Enemy

Terrance and Arthur discover that Hercynia is not such a great place. They penalize the brothers, restrict them from adventuring, and then kick them out of the city for clearing out a crypt without the proper documentation.


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