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  • Kalius

    Previous servitor in the Feywild. Now guards the entrance.

  • Sethellen Isendale

    Former Mayor of [[Bearden's Hollow | Bearden's Hollow]]. Husband of [[:lady-isendale | Lady Irewyn Isendale]]. Murdered by Eural Dunaman.

  • Eural Dunaman

    Murdered [[:sethellen-isendale | Sethellen Isendale]] and drove [[:lady-isendale | Lady Irewyn Isendale]] from the town and took over. Was killed by the Brothers when Lady Isendale was brought back to power.

  • Gaith

    Lackey to [[:eural-dunaman | Eural Dunaman]]. Killed by the Brothers when [[Bearden's Hollow | Bearden's Hollow]] was retaken.

  • High Priest Avonathemon

    Former Vizier to [[:founder-neelani-taceta | Founder Neelani Taceta]] Worshiper of Vecna. Killed when attempting a grand necromancy in [[Relkingham | Relkingham]] by the Brothers.

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