Arthur McClellan

Male Half-Elf Illusionist Wizard


Titles: Wielder of the Flame of Isendale

Arthur is a quiet, practical individual. He might be mistaken for a normal adventurer, or even an average traveler or handyman. He might, if not for the blue flames that curl from his head in place of hair, the result of a magical accident. Otherwise he looks like a normal individual, weighed down by various accouterments of his profession. He tries not to look flashy, but his hair draws attention to the vials he has hanging off of various bits of clothing full of potions and ingredients, he might be taken for an alchemist. People looking at the various equipment and scrolls might say he is an enchanter. Those looking at his weapons say he is an adventurer. Ask Arthur, and he would tell you they are all correct, but also woefully incorrect at the same time. Arthur’s curiosity is so boundless, that he cannot stay at one thing long enough to become exceptional at it, at least for another couple hundred years. Maybe then he will have time for everything he wants to do.

In the end there is only one thing that draws him back every single time, Adventuring. As a man from a small town, weeks travel from any city with a respectable size, he is loath to admit it, but adventuring is incredibly compelling. He will go so far as to say that the only reason he adventures is to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and that if he doesn’t do it no one would. But in reality, he has had the taste of the adventuring life, and can’t leave the excitement behind. Between the curiosity he inherited from his father’s family, and the wanderlust he inherited from his mother, he will never stop adventuring, no matter how much he claims he will.His morality in many cases is the mechanism by which he allows adventuring back into his life. On the surface, he is a kind and generous man, giving up his own safety to protect others, but that is just the false because.

Due to his profession and experiences, he has an intense hatred for the Lich God Vecna, and a reverence for the Goddess of knowledge, Ioun. This relationship with the gods started when he and his brother, Terence Michael Hanbrogen, pursued the murderous followers of Vecna through the countryside to Relkinghan. Upon dealing with the High Priest, a secret follower of Vecna, who was trying to summon the Arch-Lich into this world, He assumed an intense hatred for Vecna. In his hatred for Vecna, he considers himself an ally of Ioun, though not a follower of her. In either case, he considers her purposes mostly in line with his own, and would give high priority any task she has for him.

Arthur McClellan

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